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Builder's Diary 2019

Ready, Set, Go... (08.05.2019)

Renovation - Early Phase

The starting signal for the big renovation and redevelopment has been given on 23.04.2019. In the first two weeks of construction, Dreisonnenhof was dismantled to the shell in large parts with a

lot of elbow grease...


The furniture was dismantled, carpets were removed, door frames were knocked out. At the same time, the construction company has set up the construction site, the excavator has begun digging the rock and making room for our new building parts. The tiles were removed, the screed shrunk out, the first walls already cut and broken off. The electrician has completed the electrical disassembly. Our renovation is progressing with great steps and we are happy to share some pictures of the first two weeks of construction with you.


We would like to sincerely thank all helpers for the active support in dismantling and clearing. It is nice that so many pieces of furniture could still find a new home. We wish you a lot of fun with it.


More photos: