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Builder's Diary 2019

Master Builder on the Finish Line (09.07.2019)

Baustelle 2019

The tasks of the master builders are almost completed. The last ceiling above the first floor was concreted. Only the brick walls on the second floor are missing so that the roof truss can be

placed in this area. On the west side of the building, the roof is already tight. The topping.-out celebration is thus within reach.


The majority of the windows have already been delivered, distributed and the assembly is in full swing. The upgraded insulation work has already begun. The drywall builder could already start with the first plasterboard walls. The electrical and heating installations in the house are already taking shape.


It's just great to see how the different subsections work hand in hand on our project and are there with full passion, commitment, zeal and joy. Thanks a lot for this.


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