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Builder's Diary 2019

Interior Work (17.08.2019)

Floor Screed Works

A lot of progress has been taking place on the hotel construction site over the past month. Step by step. After the topping out ceremony and celebration on 25.07.2019, the interior work has started fully.


The plasterboard walls were created and the coarse plaster on the existing walls has almost been completed already.


All windows have already been moved. The roof is also in the final phase and the blacktop work has already begun. The lift is already installed. But of course it can start its operation in autumn only after technical inspection took place.


The floor screed works have already been completed in half. By the end of August, the missing screed should have been placed onto the 2nd floor and the basement floor. When the drying phase is over, the floor covering (tiles and parquet) can already start.


On the outside it is also fast progressing with the full thermal protection. Part of the facade is already plastered.


The reconstruction of the Dreisonnnehof will be completed within 2.5 months (end of October). We are really looking forward.


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