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Builder's Diary 2019

The Countdown is Running (04.10.2019)


Every day the hotel changes in big steps. Inside as well as outside. Many workers roam around the construction site at the same time and work on our project from morning to night, sometimes also very late.


Tiles and parquet are completely laid. We are totally happy with our choice of floors. Beautiful, noble oak parquet in the living and bedrooms. In the corridors great porcelain stoneware was moved. Tiles in concrete look adorn the walls in the bathrooms.


The carpenter has also started to install the furniture and is making very fast progress. The majority of the furniture including LED lighting, all bed headboards, in front of which then the box spring beds will find space, have already been installed. Even in the living rooms, the living walls were built and already complemented by the electrician.


The work on the roof is completely finished. All gutters are connected, all Belche were mounted by the Spengler. For the safe working of our chimney sweep a fixed ladder was installed on the roof, as well as anchor points with rope safety device.


The outer facade is also finished including all plastering and painting work. The scaffolding has already been removed. So it looks a bit less construction site. The deep balconies (140-155 cm depth) have already been installed and offer our guests plenty of space.


The sliding doors of the hotel entrance was already installed a few days ago. Now, when a cold front draws over Austria, it is of course a great relief for the workers. Next week, the heating will go into operation then again prevail pleasant temperatures in the house.


In a month our major additions and conversions should be completed. A lot of work is still waiting for us. The exterior design will take some time. There are still many trivialities in the interior, but we are confident that we will be able to meet the completion deadline 31.10.2019.


We are looking forward...


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