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Infrared. Deep Heat . Relaxation

Infrared Cabin from PhysiothermOur sauna area is equipped with an infrared cabin from the Tyrolean company Physiotherm as a health and fitness cabin. Experience the effectiveness of low temperature methods of deep heat at 38° C.


Feel good, relax and find solace for your soul... The deep heat improves your well-being, promotes psychological relaxation and relieves pain or muscle tension after an active day outdoors by slightly increasing your body temperature. In addition, it helps alleviate all kinds of chronic discomfort of the musculoskeletal system.


Sweating improves circulation, stimulates metabolism, detoxifies and purges the body. Furthermore, infrared treatments support weight loss.


The body responds differently in terms of thermoregulation depending on the ambient temperature, type, duration and place the heat is emitted.


Treat yourself to a break

Since its foundation more than ten years ago, the Tyrolean company Physiotherm has been the market leader in one-of-a-kind, specialized infrared technology, manufacturing infrared cabins.


Its patented lava sand technology enables the body to break out in an agreeable healthy sweat at 30° C without placing stress on the circulatory system.


The Physiotherm low temperature infrared technology can strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and stimulate the metabolism. Furthermore, muscle tension can be relieved and weight loss is supported.